Future Pune real estate Market


Future market will be for the town ship projects only, that I think so. One example is that,  If  celestial city is selling the flat at the rate of Rs.3400/- per sq. foot then why other builders for which there are no ammenities are selling the flat at the same rate . and why should we purchase? Living in a single buidling has no point. As per our health & childrens future  consult we have to choose such big projects because we will use jogging track, swimming tank & gym for our health benefit & also Children feels escape to play, Swim. Therefore in Pune real estate marre will be big demand for such projects. Before a decade, People were try to find holiday homes with greenery & went their in holidays. Todays decade a such that everyday everyone should feel like sitting in holidays home. And this is possible only in Such big residential projects like celestial city, woods ville, tropica, River Residency. Thanks to those who are making such a townships in Pune real estate market.

I came to read some interesting article on from Mr. Anil Pharande. Therefore I am sharing here. What I was thinking before 3-4 years was that the same written here.

In Pune, something very new and exciting is happening on the residential real estate market. Where ordinary flats were once the most sought-after type of residential property, the trend is slowly but surely changing to a demand for township properties in PCMC like Celestial city & Woods Ville . The more discerning Punekars of today says that nothing less than the convenience and ambience of a township property will do.

Celestial City


River Residency

Who are these people? Mostly representatives of the IT and manufacturing sectors. These, along with some other discerning professionals, have apparently become fed up with the congestion of the inner city, and the lack of amenities in the projects there. They are setting their sights on the spacious, green environment of areas beyond Aundh. Pimpri Chinchwad, with a special focus on the booming market in Pradhikaran properties, is especially in demand.

What is it about these township properties in the PCMC area that makes them so different from other available ones on the Pune property market? Well, one reason is that nothing within the suburbs of Pune can match the bliss of living in a township property. The mantra in these avant-garde resindetial projects in Pimpri Chinchwad is still ‘respect and enjoy Nature’. In the township properties in areas like Moshi and Ravet, green environment is carefully maintained and traffic congestion is unheard-of, despite the proximity of the Express Highway.
The environment is absolutely perfect for families to live in. There is so much demand for these properties that many prominent developers have snapped up prime land exclusively for the building of township properties. Other factors also add to the popularity of these townships – the Expressway, of course, is a vital one. The Expressway is the umbilical cord between Pune other major cities, beginning with Mumbai. In many ways, the Expressway is the lifeblood of Pune’s commercial progress. In addition, the nearby Mumbai-Bangalore Highway brings in further commercial growth and intercity connectivity.
With the kind of investment value that localities along these two major highways get, their popularity comes as no surprise. However, the Expressway has also brought about the existence of the Hinjewadi Infotech Park. The professionals that work there need homes close to their offices, and also privacy and peace in their time away from work. This has been another driving factor behind the township properties mania in the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation area. Obviously, another contributing factor is the Pimpri-Chinchwad industrial belt.
In the not-so-distant past, township properties were a residential genre reserved exclusively for the ultra rich. This has changed drastically with their rising popularity. The fact is, owning a township property in Pimpri Chinchwad has now become a feasible option for Everyman.

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